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I need this poster


spooky orientations for halloween:

  • lesbooan
  • zombi
  • aliensexual
  • ghostay
  • panskeletonual
  • homorobotmantic
  • straight


You should never have trusted…     me.

I never attempted to draw dark!jack or nightmare! jack before but now I can tell why everybody did. Actually I’ve seen several versions during these last two years so I might have get inspired in some design. I just want to point out this because I didn’t do it on purpose, but with the amount of designs I’ve seen there’s a high probability I remembered some elements. Even so, I tried to be as original as I could, so If any of you see something on this picture that belonged to your design, I just wanted to apologize, as I said, it wasnt intentional and also, cool design dude/dudette.

Also, about this picture, I’d like to dedicate it to someone who has been having some hard times lately and wrote some really sad post yesterday about depression. I’m not saying I can understand anybody’s problems, but I could feel their sorrow.

Probably this isn’t the best topic to draw while trying to cheer someone up, but the fact is that this person was an inspiration for it, and since Im not good with words, I’ll get to the point, I wish things get better soon inkblotbun, speaking from the heart.

All I Want | Kodaline

If I could see your face once more
I could die a happy man I’m sure




Something that is really awesome that I noticed about this gif is that his feet are place in a triangle formation (feet pointed inwards), and the first two pauses before a turn creates a dynamic looking triangle within the jumble of legs, but then Bill settles into a normal walk. Not to mention when he’s moving forward, his hands prop up into that 90 degree angle Bill likes so much!!! Such great use of incorporating shapes and character, my goodness!!!


toothless in 99
i got a ton of toothless requests; so i made this one move

commissions are open


I drew Jack before with the color palette challenge!! *v*//





This makes me inexplicably happy.

I smiled uncontrollably when it started playing, omg this needs to be everywhere on tumblr.

Disney’s Robin Hood was my childhood. Fond memories.